2020 has thrown some interesting challenges at businesses across the UK, particularly for the Accounts, Payroll and Recruitment sectors who have had to deal with the ever-changing Corona Virus Job Retention Scheme among other things. 


As we move into the New Year, we know with certainty that from 6th April 2021 every large and medium private sector business in the UK will be responsible for setting the employment status for tax of workers supplying their services through a limited company.

In addition, liability for unpaid PAYE tax and NIC will now belong to the party paying the limited company; that may be the client, recruitment agency or third party. In further addition, HMRC now require that the PAYE and NIC liabilities are paid from a bank account specific to the limited company in question, rather than from a client account. 


The IR35 changes were due to come into effect from 6th April 2020, but were delayed by a year because of the Covid-19 pandemic. However they will not be further delayed as The Finance Act 2020 reached Royal Assent in July 2020 so the changes are already written into UK law. 


For those providing payroll services using Umbrella Company or Joint Employment to your clients, we provide;

·       UK Companies 

·       HMRC PAYE Applications

·       Registered Office Address

·       Company Specific Banking

·       Full Payment management of RTI, Client and Pension contributions

·       Full Payroll administration if required

·       Book Keeping and Accounts for UK and non UK Companies 


We act quickly and have companies ready for you when you need them.

Contact us to find out more about our UK Company provision. We will be delighted to discuss your volume requirements and time scales. 

For those managing non-UK workers we can also offer Offshore Company Services and banking provisions which may enhance your client’s tax position. Ask us for more information.