Accountants are among our favourite clients, we know how much fun they can be, and we wanted to dispel the myth that they are less than exciting, so here are 10 fun facts we have found about noble accountants.


  1. In 1928 Accountant Walter Diemar created Bubblegum. It was coloured pink as this was the only dye he had to hand at the time.
  2. Author John Grisham, Comedian Eddie Izzard and Mick Jagger(who needs no introduction) all trained as accountants before they became famous.
  3. Accountants are so important; they have their own patron saint. St. Matthew looks over accountants, bookkeepers, tax collectors, bankers and security guards.
  4. Early records of tax accounting have been unearthed on clay tablets from Egypt and Mesopotamia from as early as 2000 to 3300 B.C.
  5. John Cleese’s father had dreams of his son becoming an accountant and even had a job lined up for him. It is not surprising then that Monty Python frequently poked fun at accountants.
  6. Accountants aren’t just tasked to count pennies, they also play an important role in the Oscars. A team of PWC accountants work to manually count the results. Each member of the team only counts a portion of the votes so that they don’t know the results.
  7. The first book on double entry bookkeeping was published in 1494 by Italian mathematician Luca Pacioli. Famously Leonardo da Vinci was one of his students.
  8. The word Accountant derives from the word formerly written in English as “accomptant”. This word was always pronounced without the ‘p’ and so was dropped from the spelling over time. 

Just a little bit of fun to brighten your day.