10 Benefits of using a virtual office

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office allows you to tell the world that you have an office space in a certain location without you ever having to go there. This means you can work from home, or a beach in the Caribbean, and no one need ever know that you are not in your purported office location.  There are so many benefits to having a virtual office, here are some of our favourites (you can read more on our full blog article here);

1. Business Mailing address

The use of a Virtual office provides you with a professional mailing address that you can use for invoicing and corporate correspondence, meaning post no longer comes directly to your home (this is forwarded to you by your virtual office provider). For those working from home, it means that your home address is not used for client correspondence, protecting your privacy and giving your company a more professional feel. You achieve all of this for a much lower cost than renting an office space, and it is quick and cost effective to set up.

2. Professional, private, phone services

Protect your personal landline or mobile number by using a unique virtual phone line. You can choose the location of the telephone number (i.e. you can choose a London number, or an international number if your clients are based abroad). This number is then forwarded to your chosen telephone number, which is usually a mobile, so that you can literally always be in the office, no matter where you are. This number is unique to your business and you can use it on your website and marketing literature.

3. Grow your business without taking on employees

A virtual office allows you to let subcontractors take care of the mundane parts of your business while you look after the nuts and bolts. You can use a virtual assistant to answer your calls and forward you the messages, you can have your accounts queries routed directly to your accountant or bookkeeper, you can have someone else open your mail and send it on to the people who actually need to deal with it, all leaving you free to get on with your day.

4. Easy setup

Virtual offices are exceptionally easy and quick to set up. There is no need for you to visit premises to assess their suitability, you do not need to arrange phone lines to be connected or enter into lease contracts. All of the services can be put in place in a matter of days rather than weeks or months. Similarly, they are easy to shut down at no extra cost.

5. It is more cost-effective

The cost of running a physical office is huge. Paying rent, rates, utilities, buying furniture and equipment all diminishes your bottom line, especially if you are only likely to be there for a few hours a week to check the post. A virtual office provides you with all the benefits of a physical office for a far lower cost.

6. Keeping you and your employees safe

None of us know what is going to happen during this time of pandemic. At any point we could be locked down once again. In the meantime, keeping employees safe is also every employers’ paramount concern. Enabling your employees to continue to work from home, keeping them safe, while maintaining a professional ‘storefront’.

7. Less waste

Have you noticed that when you, or your employees work from home, your stationary bills decrease. Everybody thinks more carefully about printing. PostIt notes are virtually eradicated, because there is less printing, there is less paper used, less staples, even less pens. All of this contributes to a higher profit for you, the business owner, which you can retain, use to grow and expand, or treat your employees.

8. Increase your staff team without relocating

As your business grows, so can the size of your team. Many businesses find themselves limiting their growth to the size of their office space and the amount of desks that can be installed. Working a remote team using a virtual office means that you can scale up your team as much as you need to without the cost of relocation.

9. Start a business in a new location

If you want to tap into new global markets why not consider a virtual office in a different country. You can have the same facilities as you would in your UK virtual office, including a telephone number for that specific location, with the benefit of not having to physically relocate. Suddenly you will be a global business.

10. Protecting the Environment

Working from a virtual office means savings on heating, lighting and travel reducing not only the costs to the business but also the environmental cost your business poses.

Using a virtual office is always a smart move for start-ups during their initial stages. In these times of uncertainty, they are also a perfect solution for those not wanting to return to the conventional office. At Think Formations we can help you set up your Virtual office anywhere in the world. Get in touch to see how we can help.